Not to toot my own horn — but yes, absolutely, to toot my own horn since you read it here before you read it in The New York Times — but the spotlight on a rather great bop “from” the artists Drake and The Weeknd is now making ripples all the way into important places: the earning calls (of Spotify, SiriusXM, and Universal Music Group), according to a story from Bloomberg.Hollywood studios and the recording industry quietly do battle against copyright infringements of all sorts all around the Internet, and we don’t hear about it unless a new Napster-like entrant shakes things up. This is so routine, in fact, that one of YouTube’s great early triumphs was finding a way to scale up rights claims in such a manner that it allowed YouTube to continue to grow in its catalog and traffic served while making an ally of rights holders even as their content would get uploaded by copyright infringers.

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